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Awaken your Feminine Essence

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As you dance your way through this spiralling path of life, Sha Rose is here to guide you through the spiritual Rites of Passage that will present themselves along the way.

As you traverse the sacred lines of womanhood, from girl to woman, maiden to mother and as lover or leader, you are held within the 'Sha' (womb~heart) of the holy rose and our community of sacred sisters.

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Sha Rose is dedicated to transitory passages of Womanhood.  As we continuously grow into the Women & Mothers that we came here to be, the Sha Rose Priestess-hood is here to offer you dedicated support & mentorship.


Bespoke Ceremonies


Experience the unique magic of The Sha Rose Essence with a personalised Bespoke Ceremony.




Truly transformative events that will awaken your spirit and initiate you into the Feminine Mysteries.


Sha Rose Temple

The home of the Rose Womb~Heart. Find us at festivals & community gatherings, or hire us for bespoke ceremonies and events.

Mystery School


~ Priestess Trainings ~

~ Activations ~

~ Initiations ~

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Shamama Rose Birthing
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Shamama Rose Birthing

Shamama Rose Birthing is here to support Women, their Partners & their Families as they move through the Rites of Passage of Motherhood. Whether this is your first birth or even your 10th child we know here at Sha Rose how transformative each and every pregnancy and birth will be.


Life will naturally initiate a woman if she becomes pregnant, but it is up to us to consciously honour this journey through ceremony and ritual & to reclaim the ancient ways of Pregnancy & Birth.

Maiden to Mother Ceremonies

One of the most significant Rites of Passage that a Woman will go through in her life, Sekhara’s Maiden to Mother Ceremony is a unique and powerful way to truly give time to this process of transformation.

Doula Services

Whether you’re looking for the full package of birth support including rites of passage ceremonies, birth attendance and herbal bundles etc, or just needing a one off consultation to help you navigate the NHS system, Sha Rose can help.


Mother's Blessings

Mothers blessings are a time to honour Mothers, and Mothers to be as they carry their child within and walk the initiatory path of pregnancy and birth.


Cerrada Ceremonies

A Cerrada or ‘Closing the Bones’ ceremony is a traditional Mexican ceremony for postpartum Mothers. Many cultures have their own versions of this postpartum ritual demonstrating the universal importance of this sacred process.

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Sha Rose Boutique 

A small batch, hand crafted Boutique producing high quality Elixir Tinctures & Goddess Earrings. Products are made on the Venusian Astrological Gateways & imbued with intention, purpose and spirit. All ingredients are of the highest quality & carefully selected for their sacred purpose.


Honour your body as an expression of the Divine Feminine with our exquisite range of delights! See our Etsy page for current offerings and contact us for bespoke product requests.

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Sekhara was an amazing shamanic doula for my birth. She deeply supported me on a daily basis right until the end, and I was 3.5weeks overdue! She gives with all her heart and passion, providing me with healing, wisdom and courage for the birth along with many gorgeous gifts along the way. I was soo blessed to have a shamanic priestess mama to guide me and I highly recommend all of her offerings as I have attended many of her incredible circles too. She goes way beyond and its always a juicy, nourishing, uplevelling experience. Thank you Sekhara Swan! 🌹




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Awaken your Feminine Essence

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